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State of the Nation
Welcome to New Zealand where a 3rd rate journalist from South Africa lectures us on race relations, David Seymour is regarded as astute, Nikki Kay is a feminist, Heke Parata is controlling education, Peter Dunne is allowed out alone, Judith Collins controls Justice, Maggie Barry is a Minister, 7Sharp and Story are Current Affairs, The PM chooses a new flag then tells the sheep how to vote, Israel is our friend and Palestine our enemy, ISIS are murderous Scum but Saudi Arabia cuts people's heads off nicely, Pedophiles are protected and Dope Smokers jailed, Friends of the Government get name suppression and others don't. Corruption masquerades as corporates and Children in poverty ignored, Steven Joyce is Mr Fix it, Gerry Brownlee in charge of the Christchurch Rebuild and just Pie Shops being completed, Mike Sabin is father of the year and John Key never knew anything, The media is controlled and John Campbell is fired, Assets are sold but NO debt paid down, Borrowing is 10 times more than ever but the PM is a Financial Genius, Cameron Slater Paul Henry and Mike Hosking are journalists, ................................................ and two types of morons roam freely, those that voted for all this and those that didn't bother to vote

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