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**it happens, haha
Oh. Em. Gee.
It just took me (frikken) ages to find the post new thread button.  and I really was scrolling the entire page. I feel useless now ;( bugger it...

also, I have the misfortune to have 3 macs in the house, 2 of which have been sitting for ... months, because the blimmin' restore discs/methods refused to work for me... I honestly have no idea why I even kept them!

So recently I swapped my phone for an ibook, which, of course, came with another set of reinstall/restore discs... I'm actually really happy with that trade, and the discs worked brilliantly in the other two gigantic bricks - however, this morning, somehow, I managed to fudge the formatting of my macbook.. so it now requires a firmware repair disc, and i won't be able to use it until i sort it.. **sigh** BUGGER IT!!

have called it quits for the day. Not counting the ibook, ('cos it doesn't even weigh into this argument), but those other 2 boulders would be frikken heavy for anyone so inclined to throw or kick things, the way I am.

and yup, the 2 monstrosities are working fine now..
maybe I can use 'em for parts ..... Hahahaha

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