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So two gripes. First,  those morons that got caught smuggling drugs in Indonesia deserved what they got.  Even if it was my own family I would be upset but the law is the law.  And turn it around.  What if they hadn't got caught?   How many little kids would that drug be given to to make them easier to control in their sex slave industry? Or how may people would have died from overdose? So I say,  justice served. 

And B,  why the he'll do I,  as an Australian resident,  have to pay tax to fund health benefits that I will never receive because the Australian government has made it so hard for me,  as a kiwi,  to become a New Zealand citizen. There is a group of people who are fed up with this,  and have found that it is actually against international human rights,  and are going to take the Australian government to the UN because of it.  So good luck to them. 
Such is life,  so I say Buggerit! 
Ribbit for her pleasure
Crazy Phrog

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