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Goodbye John
So our glorious leader of the Sheeple, Liar Extreme, destroyer of the economy, Forgetter of promises.... has resigned.
I say to you, Shonkey Donkey John Key,
You promised more jobs.
You promised to get the miners out.
You lied and lied and lied...

Now you have made your millions.... $60M or thereabouts, yes?... you are going to swan off to your little hideaway provided by your American puppet masters, and you are leaving your own puppet to take over.

We will not forget this.
I heard there is a book coming out that is going to expose everything we know, and even more that we don't. That is why he is resigning instead of waiting the term out. It did come as a shock when I heard about it this morning though. Why would someone who is making millions by ripping of those he is supposed to be working for just up and quitting? Guess we will never know for sure.

On another note, who is taking bets on how long before Trump becomes the newest assassinated President? I think the Russians will get to him before the Chinese do.
Ribbit for her pleasure
Crazy Phrog
Ran the country like a subsidiary of Merrill Lynch, the rich got obscenely richer, the poor got immeasurably poorer. 60% of our waterways are so dirty you are advised not to swim in them, advocated the blanket poisoning of our native forests, the situation is Christchurch is still to be resolved, has allowed the health and education systems to stagnate, we have the highest national debt ever, the unemployed and single parents are vilified as worthless scum, sold off our national assets (ok Labour had a hand in that one) then just before we sunk, abandoned ship to 'travel' with his entitled, dysfunctional brats. Job done, I'd say.
Credit to Janeen for this little jem.
Yeah. But a lot of us saw this coming before he was voted in the first time. The fact they got a second term just shows how stupid some people are. Never made good on any of his election promises. Gets voted in again. Runs the country like his own personal fundraiser then scuttles it when its is of no more use. Maybe that's what other parties are doing wrong. Maybe they are too honest for people to trust them.
Ribbit for her pleasure
Crazy Phrog

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